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ezTalks: Understanding Telemedicine

Le 9 août 2017, 10:18 dans Humeurs 0

The development of telemedicine facility began with the invention of telecommunication infrastructures, such as the telephone and the telegraph. In the earlier days, telemedicine technology was primarily used in various military situations especially during the Civil War (for ordering medical supplies or facilitating medical consultations). Note, telemedicine history timeline dates back to the early 1940s when radiology images were sent between two distant township areas via the telephone line. For your reference, the important phases of telemedicine history are briefly described below.

Stage 1: Early Fantasies

During the early 1900s and with the invention of the radio revolutionized communication, innovators started outlining the possible ways by which a physician could attend to critical patients over the radio. In April 1924, Radio News Magazine featured an illustration of a physician attending to a patient through a video call. Note, this illustration was just a vision of a powerful future technology that eventually became a sheer reality within the next 90 years.increase brand awareness

Stage 2: Technology in Telemedicine Industry

Another important phase of telemedicine history timeline -- reveals an incident that had happened in the 1940s in Pennsylvania. During this time, radiology images were successfully sent between two distant townships areas via the telephone line. Note, the aforementioned two distant townships areas were located 24 miles apart. This is the first classic example of a successful electronic medical record transfer i.e. telemedicine.

In the 1950s, a talented Canadian doctor adopted the concepts of telemedicine and designed a teleradiology system which was used to provide remote healthcare services in Montreal. Over the years, the practice of telemedicine became widespread among the doctors, health care clinics, and patients.

Next, the clinicians at the University of Nebraska started using video communication technology for medical purposes. In 1959, they invented a two-way television setup in order to transmit information to the medical students and staff members (across the university campus).

In the early 1960s, the use of telemedicine technology appeared in the urban communities. Considering its sheer benefits, it became an integral part of emergency medical services. For example, a renowned university of Miami partnered with a local fire department in order to transmit electrocardiographic rhythms to smoothly facilitate emergency rescue to make a group chat on iphone

Stage 3: The Ultimate Growth of Telemedicine

Telemedicine became quite popular and prevalent in rural and remote areas where populations with limited health care could easily access and reach out to medical specialists. During the 1960s and 1970s, various important authorities including the Department of Defense, NASA, the Public Health Department, and the U.S. Health & Human Services Department invested their time, money, and resources for the research, growth, and development of call skype

One of the most successful government projects that featured an excellent use of telemedicine was the partnership between NASA and the Indian Health Services. Collectively, both of the aforementioned authoritative units provided medical facility to native Americans of Arizona and the astronauts in orbit. This project mainly incorporated microwave technology and electrocardiography in order to send and receive medical information.facetime iphone to android

Following the grand success of this government project, medical centers, research companies, and universities have dedicated their time and resource to develop creative and ambitious projects of telemedicine.

Stage 4: Now and Later

With the advent of technology, the telemedicine industry now uses cutting-edge technologies including high-quality video conferencing devices. For instance, ezTalks (a renowned company) delivers easy, professional, and innovative online video communication services that can make video collaboration much easier than ever. Featuring ultra-high video communication and crystal-clear audio transmission, ezTalks Cloud Meeting revivifies the traditional face-to-face communication or in-person doctor visit. The video conferencing tool of ezTalks also features "Recording and Playback" option. It supports playback of a previously-recorded session. Sometimes, the doctors may require recalling the earlier video/audio communication session of their patients to offer a better and accurate medical care. In these scenarios, the "Recording and Playback" option becomes much useful.

Furthermore, ezTalks video conferencing services can be accessible practically from any device including Mac, Windows,  Android smartphones, iOS devices etc.screen sharing free

The Final Takeaway

With this, you have revealed a brief overview of telemedicine history and its important phases. Needless to mention, the latest technological advancements have brought a tremendous success and improvement in the telemedicine industry and its remote healthcare services. Both government-funded research firms and private organizations are still striving to further enhance the services of the telemedicine industry. And, the usage of revolutionary technology like ezTalks video conferencing and collaboration tool will definitely accelerate the growth of telemedicine.


ezTalks: List of Vsee Alternatives for Work

Le 9 août 2017, 10:13 dans Humeurs 0

VSee is vastly used in telemedicine purposes. It's famous because of its simple and elegant interface. You can make calls and conferences with a very low bandwidth. High-quality audio and video conferencing can be done with this software very easily. Basic features, like easy screen sharing, file sharing, etc, are available with VSee.

However, there are certain limitations with this software as well. This software is very good for 3G and higher Internet connection only. Also, you have the opportunity to share the screen with your team members only once per day. For more services, you need to subscribe to their membership plan which is a costly one. Thus, here are the best 5 VSee alternatives which you can try if you want to give up Vsee for a conferencing definition

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

One of the most popular and useful software for using in telemedicine purpose is ezTalks Cloud Meeting. An enormous number of hospitals and medical organizations are using this software for its infinite offering of features and powerful user interface. Hosting and joining a meeting is very easy with ezTalks Cloud Meetings from anywhere, anytime as this software supports all the platforms like Macintosh OS X, iOS, Android or Windows. You can make chats, video conference, share the screens, and send text messages with your participants in a most convenient way.screen sharing programs

ezTalks Cloud Meeting offers you some of the business class tools like an online whiteboard tool for explanation purpose, remote control to be in charge of the meeting etc. It is the perfect alternative of Vsee because there is no limit of any conference and screen sharing. Also, you can add a maximum of 100 members in your telemedicine conference. This is an incredible feature as you can't even imagine this in any of the other telemedicine software for free. ezTalks Cloud Meeting has a lot of paid features, too. If you want to feel the difference, download and try this software once. This is assured, you won't be disappointed.tele conference equipment

2. Voxeet

Voxeet has developed a new technology in the audio conference for telemedicine use. With this crystal clear technology, you can easily make any conference calls and meetings with your group. This crystal clear voice technology keeps this software ahead from others when the purpose is telemedicine.

Voxeet gives you the freedom to make any audio conference call just by one click, no matter which platform you are. Calls can easily be transferred to your mobile from the PC through this software. With Voxeet, you can even make private one to one conversation while not disturbing the ongoing conference with other members. This software is so designed that it allows to schedule meetings online and notify the participants with reminders for you. It allows you to create a virtual meeting room. This is worth mentioning that, Voxeet is one of the best alternatives of VSee.

3. Skype

Nowadays, Skype is vastly used in any small, medium and large scale industries just because of its attractive features and easy to use interface. This free software lets you connect with your teammates, no matter where they are. Skype's broad and extended service is available on any platform you use like Android, iOS or Windows. For its handy features and the benefits of making Sjype video conference calls, make it a perfect competitor of the Vsee. But, unlike ezTalks Cloud Meeting, you can't share the screen with Skype for free. You need to subscribe to its premium plans to enable this feature. You can even get the dial-in numbers in its premium conference interview

4. FreeConference

FreeConference is one of the best Vsee alternatives because of its free offerings and easy to use interface. FreeConference is equipped with some of the business class features like audio and video conference, joining and hosting a meeting, etc, which you need to attend any telemedicine conference. Sharing files as well the screens with the members are equally easy with this software. FreeConference provides you with top class conference experience and thus, it becomes popular day by day.

5. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is designed and distributed by Google. So, this is very famous and highly appreciated app in telemedicine industry. Hangouts supports every operating system like iOS, Android, Windows and even Blackberry. So, joining and hosting a meeting with Hangouts is just a charm. You only have to enter your Gmail account and password and you are ready to set your own conference. Sharing files, sharing screens, group chatting and video conference are all possible with Hangouts. However, unlike ezTalks Cloud Meeting, you can only add up to 10 members in your conference conference interview

So, if you want to get relief from the irritating limitations of the Vsee, use these Vsee alternatives which are even better in terms of features and you should feel the difference from your next telemedicine conference.


ezTalks: What are the Benefits of Working in A Virtual Team?

Le 9 août 2017, 09:55 dans Humeurs 0

They can conduct a virtual meeting anytime with the help of the online collaboration tools like the ezTalks Cloud Meeting to get a real time solution. The team members come together to join the meeting from the different locations. They work with the same objective to reach a conclusion on any important matter. The virtual team members use developed technologies to facilitate the meeting and to get the best teleconferencing

Professionals normally prefer in working in a virtual team environment. It comes with a number of benefits. It is cost-effective and hassle-free and helps the professions to get an instant solution for any complication. The developed tools make the process much easier. They can share and discuss everything.

What are the benefits of working in a virtual team?

1. Instant solution

The virtual meeting can be arranged anytime. You just need to schedule a meeting at a convenient time. The team members can participate from the different locations. They can share the images, text, and even can record the meeting. You can arrange the meeting whenever required to work together with your video conferencing

2. Less time-consuming

The virtual meeting does not demand the physical presence in the meeting room. Therefore, you do not need to go through the hassles of traveling and accommodation. You can simply join it from your convenient places with the right tool. You can discuss everything in detail and can participate actively depending on the demand of the conference free

3. Stress-free

A meeting requires a lot of effort. You will have to take care of everything to be influential in a meeting room. The virtual meeting also demands some etiquette. But it will be completely different. You do not to be extra careful about the gestures and the positions throughout the meeting that you are normally expected in a meeting room. The virtual meeting is stress less. You just need to know the meeting agenda and prepare yourself with the required details. You do not need to be much careful about other instant messaging

4. Improved communication

As you can arrange a meeting anytime to get a solution for both the major and minor issues, it will create a healthy environment among the employees of the same company from the different locations. They can come together to discuss the important issues. This will create a favorable environment for the growth of the company and can also create a healthy environment for the employees as well.

5. Less competition

It will not develop a competition among the employees of the same location if they will be able to get an equal opportunity to contact with the employees of the different locations and to contribute to the success and growth of the company. There will be a healthy competition at the higher level and that will certainly a favorable indication for the profits of the company.

6. Develop your confidence

Many team members do not find it comfortable to express their views in the meeting room. But if they will participate through thevirtual meeting tools, they can feel more confident as they do not need to maintain the eye to eye contact and to face them more frequently. They can share their opinions without any fear. Once they will be able to build their confidence, they can join any type of meeting with confidence.

7. Makes the presentations easy

Online collaboration tools come with many developed features to make the virtual meeting easy and more effective. The team member can provide the presentations in a much easier way with all the required data. They can share the files, texts, messages, and even can change the host whenever required. Moreover, they can allow the customers to participate the meetings as some developed tools like ezTalks Cloud Meeting allows the participation up to 500 attendees with the paid to create a group on iphone 6

8. Improves the productivity of your company

Virtual meetings can improve the performance and efficiency of any company by offering the best solution at the right time. The virtual team can take the real time decisions to improve the productivity of the company and to contribute more to the growth of the company.

9. Global collaboration

It helps the employees of the different locations to collaborate. The professionals of the remote locations participate in the meetings that overcome the distance barrier and promote the employees to work as a global team for the overall benefits of their company.

Working in a virtual team has become the best way of the communication for the companies in this digital world. The team members from any corner of the world can join the meeting and can share the views. It is more effective and less time-consuming. In additions, it creates a healthy environment among the employees of the same company from the different locations.



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