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Easy Ways to Download Free Webinar Software for Windows?

Le 15 November 2018, 08:37 dans Humeurs 0

Most of us understand the need of installing different kinds of free webinar applications in the operating system, but do we really have the perfect knowledge on how to download and install it on our Windows?

1) Logmeinsupport

Webinar software free downloads for windows are available at various platforms. The first site to download the app is LogmeinSupport. 

The steps for the installation are as follows :
a) You firstly search for either GoToWebinar download windows 7, GoToWebinar windows 8 or GoToWebinar windows 10. The Logmeinsupport site will pop up among your searched results. 

b) Navigate to the system requirements of the software to ensure that they are compatible with your browser.

c) Next, click on the icon that gets you started.

d) A prompt will appear on your screen asking you to install GoTowebinar and a default support app launcher. Follow the prompts and download the software.

e) The sign in panel will launch from the tray of the system and you can sign in appropriately either as a host or client. 

2) Softonic

As for the platform for webinar software free download for windows 7, this is yet another site for GoToWebinar download windows xp, citric online launcher windows 10 or any other windows operating system. You can choose to type either GoToWebinar windows 8, GoToWebinar windows 10 or any search related to downloading the GoToWebinar software. This site is either the first or among the first three results for your search. It is also recommended to use chrome, Firefox or internet explorer as your browser. It is easy to download from this site as it provides a download icon with a remark that GoToWebinar is not compatible to every software and it hence chooses the right one for you. 

3) Microsoft Store 

This is one of the easiest ways to download and install GoToWebinar download for windows 10 or any other windows operating system. In order to easily go through this process, you require a strong internet connection. After your device is fully connected, go to the Windows store and search for the software and download it. 

To get a better experience for the GoToWebinar app, you may download and install the citrix online launcher windows 10 or citrix online launcher download windows 7 depending on the Windows version that you are currently using. It is also available on Microsoft Store or you may decide to try it at Citrix online launcher will help you customize the GotoWebinar app and have a better control over the app. 

Undeniably, there are many webinar providers but GoToWebinar app is such an outstanding software to go for. This webinar provider has proved itself to be better among its peers in terms of its operation, set up, costs incurred and sharing of windows among other amazing features. The key features of the software that make it better than others include:

a) Live Recording Support  GoToWebinar allows you to record a presentation at the time of your choice. It, therefore, does not restrict you to a certain time when you are supposed to carry out your cloud recording. You can then send it to attendees at the scheduled time. 

b) Interactive  This webinar provider provides an assortment of ways to interact with attendees. You can share multimedia files, initiate conversations with other people, and have poles with your clients. This gives it even a better impression of personal appeal during a presentation.  

c) Notifications  To ensure attendees do not miss your webinar, GoToWebinar then sends them a notification via email to remind them of the presentation that is just about to begin. This can help you increase your attendance percentage. 

d) It carries out an analysis on the effectiveness of using the webinar style to reach various clients. 

e) It is also easy to log in. Once you launch the app, a custom homepage comes with a number of navigation and easy to understand icons that allows you to easily get access to your account and conduct your operations on time.

Furthermore, the ease of log in can greatly improve the number of attendees you have. 

As mentioned before, there are other various webinar providers. These can also act as alternatives to GoToWebinar. They include the popular ezTalks webinar and the Demio among other webinar providers. It also has widely known prolific features such as video conferencing in HD and recording support. Just in case you want to try a different webinar provider, the ezTalks is the ideal alternative for GoToWebinar. 

About ezTalks Webinar (Best Free Webinar Software for Windows)

ezTalks Webinar is the best alternative to Onstream Webinar tool that lets you connect with 100 video participants and an unlimited audience per session. This advanced webinar software comes with many innovative features like hassle-free registration process, an easy-to-use interface, options for sending customized meeting room invitations, screen sharing, whiteboard, online chat facility, and more. On top of that, it offers an exceptional level of video and audio quality so that your participants always have a fully satisfying experience. 

1) Offers high-quality HD audio and video experience.
2) Webinar local recording and webinar cloud recording with 2 GB free storage.
3) Flexible webinar customization including webinar rebranding, custom webinar room, custom registration page and custom email notification, etc.
4) Many interactive functions such as whiteboard, online chat, polls & survey, screen sharing option, and more.
5) Detailed webinar report helps you analyze and improve your webinar better.
It's quite easy to download this app for Windows, you can just spend several minutes visiting the download center and then finishing the whole process.

The Final Verdit

Do not stick to the old methods of carrying out your business operations. They might be the reason you are losing your market command. This is the prime time to consider ezTalks Webinar for your online presentation needs which is easy to download and sign up/in.

Top 6 Online Learning Apps

Le 15 November 2018, 07:39 dans Humeurs 0

What is online learning?


Online Learning: The main element of online learning is to get learning experience by using an internet connection. The students have to use certain techniques to get this learning experience. In other words, online learning can be described as the combination of blended learning and e-Learning as it generally uses online tools like ezTalks Webinar etc. for learning the course.

1. ezTalks Webinar

ezTalks Webinar is one among the best free webinar app in the world, which is why it tops our list of the best free virtual classroom software. There are a number of reasons why this software stands out from the rest. It renders virtual classroom software free download and free sign up chance.


The free version allows instructors to host classes comprising of up to 100 video interactive students and unlimited viewers. The audio and video quality is top-notch, so students should not worry about a poor learning experience. There's also the ability to share screens and whiteboards, ensuring effective online collaboration. This webinar recording software supports to record the class session locally or to the Cloud. The platform also has a playback feature, thus allowing learners to explore the benefits of virtual learning without any limitation.

2. Google Hangouts

When it comes to free webinar software, Google Hangouts is one of your best options if you're on a limited budget. Classic Google Hangouts is still available and may be able to meet a lot your webinar needs. All you need is a Google Account, which you've already got if you've got a Gmail account. Classic Google Hangouts can accommodate up to 25 people. It works on multiple platforms. You can manage who accesses your hangout through your calendar or by controlling who you invite.

3. Facebook Live

According to the webinar software reviews, another free webinar software option is Facebook live. Nearly everyone has a Facebook account these days, so using Facebook Live makes sense. As you broadcast, your Facebook followers and friends will be able to see your live video. When you're done broadcasting, the video will be published to your Facebook page or profile—which means it could continue to get your message out there long after your class is over. If you need to, you can determine who sees your webinar video by publishing it as a secret video (which means that only people who've got the webinar URL will be able to access them).

4. EverWebinar

As the best automated webinar software, EverWebinar is also among the good alternatives to Mega Meeting platform if you need to host automated webinars, as you can’t host a real live streaming webinar directly via this. It aims to help you build email marketing lists with a purpose as it has integrated with email ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, MailChimp and other email marketing platforms. You can schedule online classes to reach more audience by virtue of its time zone auto-detection, block dates and block night-time functions.

5. Skype

Skype’s group voice and video call functions allow up to 25 people in a class at a time. Given Skype’s popularity, your students may already have it installed, removing one extra step for both you and your participants.

6. InstaWebinar

InstaWebinar is a completely free webinar solution with unique functionality. It allows up to 100 students with no restrictions on duration.

· Features

PowerPoint and webcam sharing


Generates name and email lists of students



So if you are looking for virtual classroom solutions, then you may choose among those above-mentioned as per your requirements. With careful study and many user reviews, ezTalks Webinar has turned out to be the most cost-effective choice.

Reasons For Choosing An Online Learning Platform

Le 15 November 2018, 07:06 dans Humeurs 0

What is online learning?

Online Learning: The main element of online learning is to get learning experience by using an internet connection. The students have to use certain techniques to get this learning experience. In other words, online learning can be described as the combination of blended learning and e-Learning as it generally uses online tools like ezTalks Webinar etc. for learning the course.

Difference Between e-Learning and Online Learning

With the current trend in e-Learning, lots of people may make e-Learning and online learning mixed up.  Actually, e-Learning allows students to interact with their teacher only through the internet. They cannot learn or communicate with their teacher even if they are on the same premises. Online, on the other hand, allows the students to use virtual classroom tool like ezTalks Webinar etc. to interact with their teacher face-to-face along with learning online through the internet even in different remote classrooms.

3 Reasons For Choosing An Online Learning Classroom 

1. Give You Convenience And Flexibility.

That is the biggest conveniences of online learning. You can schedule the classes according to your time schedules, choose the number of hours for a session, learn at your own pace and learn in your own style. You need not go according to the timings told to you by some authority. You are definitely your own boss here. However, it also means that the learners hold the full responsibility for completing these online courses by viewing lectures and submitting the required coursework by themselves on time.

2. Save A Lot Of Your Money.

And that is another reason why more and more people are turning their heads towards this new aid. It saves quite a good amount of your money compared to a traditional college program. Even the most expensive boot camps also do not cost as much as an average college tuition. It is cheaper than that. Yes, believe me, it is! The fees charged for such a program is usually lower than half of the college fees. Plus it trains you in two to three months, while a classroom teaching schedule would take three to four years, which shoots up the costs really high. So, the ones who cannot afford to shell off loads of money, they can still learn the things through online learning. Especially, if you can find some free webinar apps like ezTalks Webinar with amazing features, you can save money as well as reach higher productivity.

3. Keep You At Pace With The Current Developments.

Online courses can be a great way to be in touch with the latest developments. To learn it in a college programming course, there would be still more years to introduce it as a subject in the curriculum. But, with the online learning courses around you all the time, it does not happen. You can learn the latest skills and techniques in a short course of time easily. The best online learning platforms will help you keep pace with the continuous change of courses and get twice the result with half the effort.



It surely sounds fun to join an online learning course and brush up your skills. But, it is not that easy too. Online courses surely require a lot of self discipline, time management, and effective planning. These qualities are required to be punctual and attend the tutorials online faithfully and understanding them well.

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