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ezTalks - 3 Things You Must Know about Video Conferencing

Le 2 mai 2017, 13:34 dans Humeurs 0

ezTalks - 3 Things You Must Know about Video Conferencing

When it comes to the modern office technology, video conferencing is hard to beat. It refers to a virtual meeting online that connects people in different places for a faster and more convenient way to communicate in video, audio as well as text format, which is both time-efficient and cost-effective.

online video conferencing

To fully take advantage of video conferencing, you can take a look at the following 3 parts first.

Part 1: What’re the Benefits of Video Conferencing?

Part 2: What Equipment is Needed for Video Conference?

Part 3: Which Area Can Video Conferencing be Applied to?

Part 1: What’re the benefits of Video Conferencing?

First and foremost, you must realize what you can benefit from web conferencing. Generally, there’re mainly 4 significant advantages.

Reduced Travel Cost. With the globalization of world economy, people have to take regular trips to expand business and promote cooperation. Compared with the traditional in-person meeting that costs a lot in transportation, accommodation, etc., online video conferencing greatly reduces the cost.

Increased Productivity. Different from traditional meeting, web conferencing can be conducted at any time as you can host or join online meeting wherever you are. You don’t need to spend too much time traveling around to attend meetings any longer and will never miss another meeting for this or that reason.

Improved Communication. As is known, eye contact plays an important role in communication by enabling you to read speaker’s mind. And video conference just shows you the instant response, facial expression and body language of other attendees, which helps you to better understand each other.

Sustained Competitiveness. Featured in real-time communication, web-based conference itself is superior to common meetings. For example, timely business video conferencing with high efficiency would contribute to faster and more informed decisions that save time to launch new products.

Part 2: What Equipment is Needed for Video Conference?

Then, you need to prepare yourself with 4 necessary video conferencing equipments: a webcam, a microphone, a computer and video conferencing software.

video conferencing equipment

Webcam. Though computer has a built-in webcam, an extra movable webcam is usually required if a small group of 3-6 people meeting online.

Microphone. You can directly speak to computer, but a microphone would help to pick up your voice throughout the room and guarantee that other attendees can hear you clearly.  

Video Conferencing Software. The amazing functions of file sharing and screen sharing provided by the software are indispensable in conducting effective meetings. And ezTalks is highly recommended here.

With above equipments, you will be able to host online meeting at will! And make sure your computer is well-connected to a high-speed network.

Note: If there’re more than 20 people involved in the web conference, you need to replace the computer screen with a large monitor so that attendees can be well aware of how the online meeting proceeds.

Part 3: Which Area Can Video Conferencing be Applied to?

As you can see, holding a video conference doesn’t require too much and it can be widely applied in every walk of life. Below are the 5 representative ones.

video conferencing market

Education. Teachers and students from different states or even countries can attend same virtual class online to share knowledge and discuss topics.

Telecommuting. Video conferencing makes home office possible by allowing you to stay connected with other colleagues as if you were in the same office room.

Business. General manager can use web conferencing to quickly discuss hot issues with department’s directors from different places. It can also be used to offer online staff training instead of delivering traditional training in certain place.

Law Court. With video conferencing system, witness can “appear” in court without traveling to the courtroom and prisoners can directly answer lawyers’ questions in prison, making the courtroom experience more cost-effective and safer.

Telemedicine. Video conferencing technology also releases the problem of imbalanced distribution of medical resource as it enables patients in remote place to “meet” specialists from anywhere around the world.

What’re you waiting for? Now it’s time to say goodbye to traditional meetings and here comes the video conferencing era!

ezTalks - Top 5 Tricks to Reduce Recruitment Cost

Le 2 mai 2017, 13:32 dans Humeurs 0

ezTalks - Top 5 Tricks to Reduce Recruitment Cost

It’s widely accepted that recruiting new employees is both a significant cost and investment to businesses. On one hand, finding a suitable employee takes time and money, on the other hand it adds incredible value to companies. To maximize the benefits of recruitment, here I’m to share 5 tricks for your reference.

Trick 1: Conduct Online Recruitment

Over recent years, internet has revolutionized the way people live and there is no exception to hiring process. Nowadays a job vacancy can be added to a job site for accessing by almost everyone and job seekers are also able to send applications within minutes, which is for more cost-effective and time-efficient as it saves the costs of traditional print advertising and attracts targeted response. Most importantly, it enables applicants to take online interview of international companies.

interview online

Trick 2: Utilize importance of Social Media

Another creative and innovative technique is to take advantage of online social networking programs. With social media companies can share their information with a wide audience; which has a long term benefit because these relationships will attract people to do business with them in the long run. This even applies to customer service.Video Conferencing Equipment

Trick 3: Internal Recommendation

Each time before posting want ads online, always check if your current employees have any good recommendations that suit the position. Generally, it brings warm introductions and qualified candidates. Moreover, it empowers employees a chance to pick their coworkers and gives them a sense of ownership.Free Video Conferencing

Trick 4: Optimize Company Career Portal

Smart companies know increasing brand awareness would attract potential candidates to their website. Hence, optimizing the landing page of your company’s career site and driving traffic to it is also a good way. Make sure your company career portal is easy to find and user friendly.

Trick 5: Proceed Interview Online

Considering the obstacles of geographical barriers and time availability, many companies begin to embrace video conferencing tools for remote recruitment online. Then it makes sense why ezTalks is taking the hiring world by storm. It enables both employers and employees to freely join scheduled online interview from any PC, iOS and Android devices at anytime, which guarantees to save considerable time, money and effort.

With above mentioned 5 tricks, I bet recruitment, a complicated and time-consuming necessity in such a competitive world, can be simply and effectively managed. In addition, if recruiters can bear the motto of the lesser, the simpler and the better in mind when processing hiring process, that’d be great!

ezTalks - 5 Free Video Teleconferencing Services: Which Is the Best for You?

Le 19 avril 2017, 05:41 dans Humeurs 0

ezTalks - 5 Free Video Teleconferencing Services: Which Is the Best for You?

With the boom of video conferencing industry, there are more and more video teleconferencing services entering into the crowded market. Video conferencing can be used to host formal video meetings, webinars and online education or just have a casual conversation with friends. Listed above are five free video teleconference services and you could choose the best one in accordance with your needs. Here the word “free” means “free”, and not “free trial”.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is free for unlimited number of meetings with up to 100 participants, which is quite suitable for medium and large enterprises. The video conferencing software allows you to host virtual video meetings with other 99 colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers all around the country or even the world. Besides HD audio and video, the free version also offers instant screen &content sharing, innovative whiteboard, user management and other powerful features. It’s worth mentioning that each group meeting is limited to 40 minutes only.

ezTalks cloud meeting home

2. Zoom Cloud Meeting

Besides ezTalks Cloud Meeting, Zoom also has a free cloud meeting with a duration of 40 minutes per meeting. It empowers you to have an online meeting up to 50 participants at the same time, which might be a useful tool for middle-sized companies. It has great video conferencing, web conferencing and group collaboration features. As for one-to-one meeting, it supports unlimited number of meetings.

zoom cloud meeting home

3. is a video conferencing tool designed to help you make your collaboration simple, instant and continuous. The free version of enables you to conduct a video meeting with up to 10 participants per meeting, no any limits on the number of meetings. If you are a small company or startup, you could attempt to utilize the free video teleconferencing service. During the conference, you can also chat with attendees, transfer files or share control of your computer.

joinme home

4. MeetingBurner

MeetingBurner is a free, fast video conferencing solution, no download required. With a fully-featured MeetingBurner account, you can hold a live webinar with up to 10 attendees absolutely for free. No ads; truly free, always! The free video teleconference service is compatible with both Mac and PC, as well as iOS and Android phones. Besides, you can share your screen with participants instantly.


5. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a free communication platform developed by Google, which includes video chat, phone call and instant message services. After signing up Google+ or downloading mobile apps, you can have an online one-to-one or group video chats with up to 10 people simultaneously free of charge. With the concise interface and design, users can easily leverage the software without any help.


The above are five best free video teleconferencing services in the current market. Which one is the best for you? You might get a satisfied video conferencing tool after going through the article.


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